A new aesthetic of sculpture

The marble, a material which characterizes classical sculpture, encompasses a symbolic journey which demands to be followed in order to tell a new story of contemporary art. The word “marble” originates from a verb used in ancient Greece to describe an action belonging to a subject:”marmairò”, meaning “I shine”. And the story to be told starts from here, from the matter which performs an action, a unique, imperceptible movement which renews itself every day through the hands and the minds of the Affiliati Peducci/Savini.

The Affiliati are not just two sculptors, they are mainly a place, a former pink stone quarry where they live and work. Here, within the mountain, just behind the city of Assisi, there is a square scattered of white creatures, each connected to its own story and to all those people who consider the Affiliati a place of research and experimentation.
The starting point for a new concept of sculpture lies within the knowledge of the ancient techniques, which have been handed over for centuries and which allow the artist’s hand to dominate the matter in order to achieve a transformation: An act of strength which imprints images of the outside world on a supposedly inert surface. The Affiliati though, add something to this: They recognise a living quality within the matter which suggests ways of being touched and perceived, opening up to new working techniques.
Every marble block is a possibility and any material owns one. The goal is to let the matter reveal its secret, for an instant, and from there progress. This is “marmairò”, the sparkle, the engine that moves towards new points of view, exploring dynamic borders in the relationship between artist/matter/shape.

From aesthetics to science, from shape to nature. A journey backwards aiming for a renewal, to a change of given notions, reaching out for an effect of estrangement of the art work: Marble sculptures which bend to the lightness of cardboard, which play on a record player, which crumble like polystyrene, which burn as pieces of wood deforming, as vacuum packed soft fabrics. The Affiliati transform sculpture in science and constantly shift a given point of view inherited by tradition, they plant seeds of journey which are only waiting to be told.